BEng (Hons) - BSc - Electronic Systems and Internet of Things Engineering Major

Course and Subject Handbook 2016 Courses Undergraduate Courses Majors and Minors BEng (Hons) - BSc - Electronic Systems and Internet of Things Engineering Major

BEng(Hons)-BSc – Electronic Systems and Internet of Things Engineering Major

Major codeBES-IOT

Available in

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Bachelor of Science

Credit points required

66 credit points

Other details

Not available part-time

Must complete first year of course before choosing major

Available only in Cairns

Major Structure


Level 2

MA2000:03 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

EE2201:03 Circuit Theory

CC2510:03 Digital Logic and Computing Methods

CP1404:03 Programming I

EE2300:03 Electronics 1

CP2406:03 Programming II

CC2511:03 Embedded Systems Design

Level 3

EG3000:03 Engineering Project Management

EE3901:03 Sensor Technologies

CC3910:03 Digital Communication Technologies

CP3407:03 Advanced Software Engineering

CC3920:03 IoT Security

CC3930:03 Data Mining

CC3501:03 Computer Interfacing and Control

Level 4

EE4000:03 Signal Processing 3

CC4940:03 IoT Ecosystem

EG4011:03 Thesis Part 1 of 2

CC4950:03 Design Project

CC4990:03 Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation

EG4012:03 Thesis Part 2 of 2


Select 6 credit points of specified subjects from List 1

List 1

EV2502: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

EV3506: Remote Sensing

EV3205: Conserving Tropical Rainforest

EV3001: Environmental and Regional Planning

EV3401: Coastal and Catchment Geomorphology

CP2010: Web Programming

CP2012: Networking

CP2014: Animation and Simulation

CP2013: Software Engineering

CP3307: Mobile Technology

CP2405: Collective Intelligence and Social Networks

CP3406: Mobile Computing

CP2410: Algorithms and Data structures