BEng(Hons) - Mechanical Engineering Major

BEng(Hons) - Mechanical Engineering Major

Major code


Available in

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) [Embedded]

Credit point value

60 credit points

Other details

Must complete first year of course before choosing major

Major Structure


Level 2

CS2001:03 Engineering Strength of Materials

EG2010:03 Materials Science and Engineering

MA2000:03 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

ME2512:03 Thermofluid Mechanics

ME2521:03 Dynamics of Machine Elements

ME2525:03 Machine Element Design

Level 3

CS3008:03 Fluid Mechanics

EE3600:03 Automatic Control 2

EG3000:03 Engineering Project Management or BX2077:03 Project Management

EG3001:03 Finite Element Analysis

ME3511:03 Dynamics and Acoustics

ME3512:03 Heat and Mass Transfer

ME3515:03 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

ME3525:03 Mechanical Design

Level 4

EG4011:03 Thesis Part 1 of 2

EG4012:03 Thesis Part 2 of 2

EG4013:03 Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability

ME4513:03 Advanced Fluid Mechanics

ME4515:03 Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design

ME4522:03 Energy, Conversion and Refrigeration