BEng(Hons) - Software Minor

BEng(Hons) - Software Minor

Minor code


Available in

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) [Embedded]

Credit point value

12 credit points

Other details

Available as an option for students undertaking all the Engineering Majors except Computer Systems Engineering

Minor Structure


CP1404:03 Programming 1

CP3407:03 Advanced Software Engineering (available in 2017) or CP2013:03 Software Engineering


Select 6 credit points specified subjects from List 1

List 1

CP1402:03 Internet Fundamentals

CP2014:03 Animation and Simulation*

CP3302:03 Information Security

CP3307:03 Mobile Technology

CP2406:03 Programming II (available in 2016) or CP2011:03 Advanced Programming

CP3403:03 Business Intelligence and Data Mining (available in 2016) or CP3300:03 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

CP2409:03 Network Forensic and Data Communication (available in 2017)

CP2410:03 Algorithms and Data Structures (available in 2017)

CP2411:03 3D Modelling and Animation (available in 2017)

CP3406:03 Mobile Computing (available in 2017)

CP3404:03 Enterprise and Information Security (available in 2017)

* This is not an introductory subject. Students advised to have successfully completed IT at high school or CP1030