BEng(Hons) - Sustainability Minor

BEng(Hons) - Sustainability Minor



Available in

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) [Embedded]

Credit point value

12 credit points

Minor Structure


CL2501:03 Process Analysis

EV3002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment


Select 6 credit points of specified subjects from List 1

List 1

EV2003:03 Introduction to Environmental Economics

EV2360:03 Cradle to Grave: Population Economy and Environment

EV3010:03 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment

EV3011:03 Sustainability in Practice

EV3601:03 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management

EV5009:03 Foundations of Natural Resource Management

EV3252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management

EV3001:03 Environmental and Regional Planning

EV3201:03 Managing Coastal and Marine Environments

CH3041:03 Environmental Chemistry

EC5202:03 Cost Benefit Analysis