BSc - Aquaculture Science and Technology Major*

BSc - Aquaculture Science and Technology Major*

Major code


Available in

Bachelor of Science

Credit points

21 credit points

Other details

* This is the Aquaculture Science and Technology second (double) major, which is not available in joint degrees or with the Physics major

Major Structure


Level 2

AQ2001:03 Introduction to Aquaculture

AQ2002:03 Aquaculture of Tropical Species

MI2031:03 Marine Microbiology

Level 3

AQ3002:03 Aquaculture: Feeds and Nutrition

AQ3015:03 Sustainable Aquaculture

AQ3003:03 Aquaculture: Propagation or AQ3008:03 Aquaculture: Systems Design

AQ3004:03 Aquaculture: Stock Improvement or AQ3007:03 Aquatic Animal Ecophysiology