BSustain – Science Major

BSustain – Science Major

Major code


Available in

Bachelor of Sustainability

Credit points

24 credit points

Major Structure


BZ2001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science


Select 6 credit points (2 subjects) of specified level 1 subjects from List 1


Select 3 credit points (1 subject) of specified level 2 subjects from List 2


Select 12 credit points (4 subjects) of specified level 3 subjects from List 3

List 1

BZ1006:03 Diversity of Life

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics

SC1102:03 Modelling Natural Systems

List 2

BX2077:03 Project Management

BZ2450:03 Biodiversity of Tropical Australia

BZ2480:03 Restoration Ecology

BZ2808:03 Adapting to Environmental Challenges

BZ2820:03 Evolutionary Biology

EA2404:03 From Icehouse to Greenhouse

EV2301:03 Urban Geography and Design

EV2502:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

IA2013:03 Ecology and Australian Indigenous Cultures (from optional core)

MB2080:03 Invertebrate Biology

List 3

AQ3015:03 Sustainable Aquaculture

BZ3215:03 Conservation Biology

BZ3225:03 Field Ecology

BZ3230:03 Ecological Research Methods

BZ3620:03 Tropical Flora of Australia

BZ3745:03 Tropical Entomology

BZ3755:03 Biodiversity and Climate Change: Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation

EV3001:03 Environmental and Regional Planning

EV3002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment

EV3010:03 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment

SC3008:03 Professional Placement

EV3252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management

EV3606:03 Disasters, Communities and Planning