Computer Systems Engineering Major

Computer Systems Engineering Major

Computer Systems Engineering Major

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Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

Credit point value

72 credit points

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Core Subjects

Level 1

CP1300:03 Introduction to Computer Science 2

Level 2

CC2510:03 Digital Logic and Computing Methods

CC2511:03 Embedded Systems Design

CP2013:03 Software Engineering

EE2201:03 Circuit Theory

EE2300:03 Electronics 1

EG2010:03 Materials Science and Engineering

MA2000:03 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

Level 3

CC3501:03 Computer Interfacing and Control

EE3001:03 Signal Processing 2

EE3300:03 Electronics 2

EE3600:03 Automatic Control 2

EE3700:03 Communications Systems Principles

EG3000:03 Engineering Project Management

EG3021:03 Applied Engineering Analysis

Level 4

EE4000:03 Signal Processing 3

EG4000:03 Engineering Economics and Entrepreneurship

EG4011:03 Thesis Part 1 of 2

EG4012:03 Thesis Part 2 of 2


Select 3 credit points of specified CP level 1 or 2 subjects

CP1500:03 Conceptual Modelling

CP2012:03 Networking

CP2231:03 Internetworking Principles


Select 3 credit points of specified CP level 2 or 3 subjects

CP2011:03 Advanced Programming

CP3020:03 Advanced Database Management

CP3302:03 Information Security


Select 9 credit points of specified EE and CP level 2, 3 and 4 subjects

CP2010:03 Web Programming

CP2012:03 Networking

CP2402:03 Operating Systems and Architectures

CC3501:03 Computer Interfacing and Control

CP3003:03 Internet Technology

CP3307:03 Mobile Technology

CP3311:03 Simulation

EE4600:03 Automatic Control 3

EE4710:03 Communications Systems Propagation

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BEng - Computer Systems Major 2010

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Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Enrol: Yes

Withdraw: Yes

Selections: Yes

Location: Yes

Attendance: Yes

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