Geology Major

Geology Major

Geology Major

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Major Code


Available in

Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering with Honours – Bachelor of Science

Credit point value

30 credit points

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Core Subjects

Level 1

EA1110:03 Evolution of the Earth

EV1005:03 Environmental Processes and Global Change

Level 2

EA2220:03 Earth Materials

EV2502:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

EA2900:03 Introductory Field Geology

Level 3

EA3510:03 Geological Mapping

EA3511:03 Advanced Geological Mapping


Select 3 credit points of specified EA level 2 subjects

EA2110:03 Introduction to Sedimentology

EA2300:03 Crustal Processes


Select 6 credit points of specified EA level 3 subjects

EA3100:03 Earth Dynamics

EA3200:03 Deformation, Metamorphism and Hydrothermal Fluids

EA3400:03 Ore Genesis

EA3650:03 Sedimentary Environments and Energy Resources

EA3800:03 Earth and Environmental Geochemistry