Microbiology Major

Microbiology Major

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Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering with Honours – Bachelor of Science

Credit point value

30 credit points

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Core Subjects

Level 1

BM1000:03 Introductory Biochemistry and Microbiology

HS1000:03 Epidemiology

Level 2

BC2013:03 Principles of Biochemistry

MI2011:03 Microbial Diversity

MI2021:03 Introductory Infectious Diseases and Immunobiology

MI2031:03 Marine Microbiology


Select 12 credit points of specified MI and PP level 3 subjects

MI3021:03 Clinical Microbiology

MI3031:03 Aquatic Microbial Pathobiology

MI3041:03 Food Microbiology

MI3051:03 Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases

MI3061:03 Advanced Immunobiology

PP3151:03 General Pathobiology