Primary RATEP Major

Primary RATEP Major

Primary RATEP Major

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Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Education with Honours

Credit point value

66 credit points

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Core Subjects

Year 1

ED1411:03 Foundations of Sustainability in Education

ED1491:03 Foundations of Mathematics in Education

IA1007:03 Linking Indigenousness 1

Year 2

ED2190:03 Health and Physical Education for Primary School

ED2193:03 Mathematics Education for Primary School

ED2194:03 English Education for Primary School

Year 3

ED3190:03 Social and Environmental Education for Primary School

ED3192:03 Science Education for Primary School

ED3193:03 Teaching for Learning 2 (Primary)

ED3194:03 Arts Education for Primary School

ED3442:03 Inclusive Education for Special Needs

ED3443:03 Teaching ESL to Indigenous Students

Year 4

ED4190:03 Teaching for Learning 3 (Primary)

ED4496:03 Advanced English Education

ED4497:03 Advanced Mathematics Education


Select 9 credit points of specified level 1 and 2 subjects

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

HM1061:03 Foundations of Human Movement Studies

MU1030:03 Music-making for Children

SS1010:03 Australian People: Indigenous and Anthropological Perspectives

SS1111:03 Introduction to Counselling

SY1001:03 Australian Society: An Introduction to Sociology

VA1118:03 Introduction to Visual Art

EL2047:03 Children's Literature

NM2203:03 Digital Storytelling

Standard Program for Pass Degree or Honours Program for Honours Degree

Standard Program (Pass Degree)

Honours Program (Honours Degree)

ED3441:03 Technologies Across the Curriculum

ED4460:03 Service Learning for Sustainable Futures

ED4461:03 Indigenous Futures


Select 3 credit points of specified level 4 subjects;

ED4306:03 Students with Reading Difficulties

ED4493:03 Advanced Teaching in HPE

ED4925:03 Education in Torres Strait

ED4944:03 Environmental Education for the Tropics

ED4991:03 Independent Study 1

ED3993:03 Research Methodologies in Education

ED4902:03 Honours Thesis Part 1 of 2

ED4903:06 Honours Thesis Part 2 of 2

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BEd - Primary RATEP Major 2010

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Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences

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Enrol: Yes

Withdraw: Yes

Selections: Yes

Location: Yes

Attendance: Yes

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This major will not be included on the testamur.