Screen Studies Major

Screen Studies Major

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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Social Work

Credit point value

18 credit points

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Major Structure


Select 18 credit points of subjects from the specified list:

CN2254:03 / CN3254:03 War Remembrance and Popular Culture

CN2205:03 / CN3305:03 Regional Features: Place, Location, Australia and Asia in the Cinema

CN2204:03 / CN3304:03 Sirens Queens and Studs

CN2666:03 / CN3666:03 The Haunted Screen: Dark Visions in Cinema

CN2030:03 / CN3030:03 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Popular Culture

CN2031:03 / CN3031:03 Crime, Media and Popular Culture

EL2047:03 / EL3047:03 Children’s Literature or EL2050:03 / EL3050:03 Post-Colonial Narratives

NM2001:03 Creative Industries or NM2600:03 Music and Sound Media or NM2701:03 Writing for Stage and Screen