BEdProfDev – Primary Major

BEdProfDev – Primary Major

Major code


Credit points

24 credit points

Major Structure


ED3192:03 Science Education for Primary School

ED4496:03 Advanced English Education

ED4497:03 Advanced Mathematics Education


Select 15 credit points of specified ED level 3 and 5 subjects

ED3441:03 Technologies Across the Curriculum

ED3442:03 Inclusive Education for Special Needs

ED5510:03 Teaching ESL to Indigenous Students

ED5855:03 Behaviour Management

ED5859:03 Atypical Development

ED5870:03 Issues in Literacy Education

ED5871:03 Language Acquisition and Reading

ED5873:03 Teaching and Learning Literacy

ED5881:03 Contemporary Curriculum

ED5911:03 Education for Sustainability

ED5921:03 Raising Expectations: Professional Practices, Diverse Learners and Communities