Bachelor of Economics (Honours) [End-on]

Bachelor of Economics (Honours) [End-on]

Course code


Course type

Bachelor Honours Degree (AQF Level 8)


Tropical Environments and Societies

Award Requirements

Admission Requirements

Course pre-requisites

Completion of an AQF level 7 Bachelor Degree in Economics or equivalent; and

Achievement of an overall grade point average of 5.0 (i.e. credit average) across their bachelor degree, with credits or better in specific discipline areas.

Minimum English language proficiency requirements

Applicants of non-English speaking backgrounds must meet the English language proficiency requirements of Band 1 Schedule II of the JCU Admissions Policy.

Additional selection requirements

Entry to the Honours program is by invitation of the College Dean

Satisfactory completion of BX3122 Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation in Economics or equivalent in the bachelor degree.

Academic Requirements for Course Completion

Credit points

24 credit points as per course structure

Course learning outcomes

JCU graduates are committed to lifelong learning, intellectual development, and to the display of exemplary personal, professional and ethical standards. They have a sense of their place in the tropics and are charged with professional, community, and environmental responsibility. JCU graduates appreciate the need to embrace and be acquainted with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia. They are committed to reconciliation, diversity and sustainability. They exhibit a willingness to lead and to contribute to the intellectual, environmental, cultural, economic and social challenges of regional, national, and international communities of the tropics.

Graduates from the James Cook University Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree will have demonstrated in their written assignments and oral work the ability to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the concepts and principles widely used in economics

  • Comment in detail on at least several current issues in economics research and practice

  • Analyze critically the core paradigms, research methodologies, methods and analytical tools which shape research effort in the discipline of economics

  • Identify and integrate knowledge in select areas of economics which underpin a research issue

  • Synthesize creatively the existing research information with a critical mind-set for the purposes of designing a research investigation

  • Cooperatively develop and execute a research project addressing pertinent research questions and built on an advanced understanding of a topic area

  • Use initiative to solve specific research project problems in an ethical and socially responsible fashion

  • Convey information clearly and fluently in high quality written format appropriate for an academic economics audience

  • Demonstrate effective oral presentation skills for academic and professional audiences.

Course Structure


BU4062:03 Current Issues in Business Research

BU4070:03 Honours Thesis Part 1 of 2

BU4071:12 Honours Thesis Part 2 of 2

EC5214:03 Case Studies in Applied Economics and Finance


EC5213:03 Financial Econometrics or EC4703:03 Advanced Econometrics







Expected time to complete

1 year full-time, normally not available part-time

Maximum time to complete

3 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Course progression requisites


Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)


Special assessment requirements


Accreditation requirements


Maximum allowed Pass Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for final subject

Not applicable

Advanced Standing


Students may apply for advanced standing for previous tertiary study in accordance with the Credit and Articulation policy and associated procedures.

Maximum allowed

12 credit points


Advanced standing will be granted only for studies completed in the 4 years prior to the commencement of this course.


Advanced standing gained for any subject shall be cancelled 7 years after the date of the examination upon which the advanced standing is based if, by then, the student has not completed the course of study prescribed for the degree.

Other restrictions

Advanced standing will not be granted for work experience or undergraduate studies.

Award Details

Award title


Approved abbreviation


Inclusion of majors on testamur

Not applicable – this course does not have majors

Exit with lesser award

Not applicable

Course articulation

Not applicable