BA – Archaeology Major

BA – Archaeology Major

Major code


Credit point value

24 credit points for single major

Major Structure


Level 1

AR1001:03 The World of Archaeology

AN1001:03 Anthropology: Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective or HI1302:03 Modern World History

Level 2

AN2114:03 Australia through Time and Place

AR2304:03 From Stonehenge to the Colosseum: Archaeology of Europe

AR2407:03 Forensic Archaeology

Level 3

AR3008:03 Boats and Beaches: The Archaeology of Coasts and Islands

AR3501:03 Ancestors and Emperors: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Societies


Select 3 credit points of specified subjects from List 1

HI2191:03 Australian History

AN2013:03 Culture,Knowledge and Environment

AR2405:03 Archaeology in Practice

AR2406:03 Hominin Evolution