BA – Human Services Major

BA – Human Services Major

Major code


Credit point value

24 credit points for single major

Major Structure


Level 1

WS1006:03 Self in Professional Helping

WS1005:03 Human Rights and Social Justice

Level 2

WS2511:03 Professional Values and Ethics

WS2510:03 Interpersonal Practice or WS2121:03 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Skills & Frameworks for Practice

WS2513:03 Community Work

WS2512:03 Organisational Practice or WC2001:03 Australian Women’s Studies

Level 3

WS3027:03 Social Welfare Practice with Children and Families or WS4503:03Social Work and Mental Health

WS3025:03 Group Work or WS3214:03 Developmental Approaches to Eco-Social Justice