Course and Subject Handbook 2018 Courses Undergraduate Courses BBiomedSc - Microbiology and Immunology Major

BBiomedSc - Microbiology and Immunology Major

B Biomedical Sci - Microbiology and Immunology Major

Major code


Credit point value

30 credit points for single major

Major Structure


Level 1

HS1401: 03 Health and Health Care in Australia

BM1003:03 Biomedicine in the Tropics

Level 2

BM2001: 03 Epidemiology

BC2023:03 Molecular Genetics

BC2024:03 Cell Biology

Level 3

MI3061:03 Advanced Immunobiology

MI3051:03 Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases

MI3071: 03 Molecular Analysis of Tropical Microbes


Select 6 credit points of specified elective subjects from List 1

List 1

MI3031:03 Aquatic Microbial Pathobiology

PP3251:03 Systemic Pathophysiology and Therapeutics

PP3252:03 Neuropharmacology

BC3201:03 Bioengineering

BM3000:03 Advanced Projects in Biomedicine