DipHigherEd – Society and Culture Major

DipHigherEd – Society and Culture Major

Major code


Credit points required

18 credit points for single major

Other details

Important: before you enrol you must speak with a Pathways team member to discuss your study plan.  Please call: Townsville campus 47815740 or Cairns campus 42321155 or email: pathways@jcu.edu.au

Major Structure

Students will be enrolled in set study plans which will allow them to articulate into their target degree. The study plans will allow for flexible enrolment options, involving a mix of core subjects (including CS1022 and CU1022), selected major and elective subjects. Study Plans can be discussed with the Pathways team.


Select 9 credit points of Society and Culture subjects from List 1


Select 9 credit points of Society and Culture subjects from List 1 or elective subjects from List 2

List 1 (Society and Culture subjects)

BA1001:03 Time, Truth, and the Human Condition

BA1002:03 Our Space: Networks, Narrative and the Making of Place

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

CV1200:03 Effective Speaking

IA1007:03 Linking Indigenousness 1

NM1010:03 Digital Toolbox

NM1200:03 Digital Photography

NM1400:03 Introduction to Design

NM1500:03 Introduction to Media Arts

NM1520:03 Drawing and the Digital

NM1810:03 Introduction to Creativity and Innovation

PL1001:03 The Political World: An Introduction to Political Science

PY1101:03 Exploring Psychology: from Brain to Practice

PY1102:03 Exploring Psychology: from Perception to Reality

SS1010:03 Australian People: Indigeneity and Multiculturalism

SY1001:03 Australian Society: An Introduction to Sociology

WS1005:03 Human Rights and Social Issues

WS1006:03 Self in Professional Helping

List 2 (Elective subjects)

MA1022:03 Essential Maths

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics

SC1022:03 Essential Science