Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education

Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education

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Course type

Graduate Certificate (AQF Level 8)

Professional accreditation status

This course is accredited by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA).


Tropical Health and Medicine

Award Requirements

Admission Requirements

Course pre-requisites

Completion of an AQF Level 7 bachelor degree (or qualifications recognised by the Division as equivalent) in a relevant clinical based health, allied health or other relevant field, and

At least 12 months experience working in their chosen field since undergraduate course completion

Minimum English language proficiency requirements

Applicants of non-English speaking backgrounds must meet the English language proficiency requirements of Band 3a Schedule II of the JCU Admissions Policy.

Additional entry requirements

Submit JCU internal application form and placement support form

Post admission requirements

This course may have specific admission requirements such as immunisation, a Suitability to Work with Children Card, a federal police check and/or other conditions that students must comply with. Students must complete all professional experience placement requirements by the prescribed deadlines and maintain currency of these requirements in order to stay admitted in the course.

You will find your course requirements here:

Academic Requirements for Course Completion

Credit points

12 credit points

Additional completion

Students must source and undertake 60 hours of clinical placement as part of the professional practice subject; 40 hours on-site formal clinical placement and 20 hours of professional practice exposure.

Preferably, placement should be completed in one location or clinical facility with one supervisor/Credentialed Diabetes Educator preceptor.

Students must attend a 3-day residential, as part of NS5382 Applied Diabetes Education, to acquire and demonstrate core skills relevant to preparation for clinical placement and Diabetes Education practice.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education at James Cook University will be able to:

  • Provide safe, effective, client centred, clinical care and self-management education to people with or at risk of diabetes across the lifespan

  • Systematically plan, manage and evaluate diabetes services that support a contemporary, integrated, multidisciplinary approach to client care, in a range of practice settings including rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical Australian contexts

  • Identify, evaluate and apply established and evolving evidence in the provision of diabetes education and practice including clinical care, education, counselling and program and service development and management

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and oral and written communication skills in advocating for diabetes prevention, self-management education and care to optimise the health and welfare of individuals and populations

  • Apply knowledge and skills in the practice setting and reflect and plan ongoing professional development

Inherent Requirements

Inherent RequirementsInherent requirements are the fundamental abilities, attributes, skills and behaviours needed to complete the learning outcomes of a course while preserving the academic integrity of the university’s learning, assessment and accreditation processes. Students and prospective students must be able to demonstrate that they have acquired or have the ability to acquire the inherent requirements for their degree. For more information refer to Inherent Requirements page.
Reasonable adjustmentsReasonable adjustments may be made to assist students manage additional circumstances impacting on their studies provided these do not change the academic integrity of a degree. Reasonable adjustments do not alter the need to be able to demonstrate the inherent requirements of the course.

Course Structure


HS5381:03 Health Education and Self Management

NS5380:03 Foundations of Clinical Diabetes

NS5382:03 Applied Clinical Diabetes Education

NS5383:03 Diabetes Education Professional Practice





NS5382 Applied Clinical Diabetes Education requires on campus attendance.


Expected time to complete

8 months part-time

Maximum time to complete

3 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Course progression


Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)

Clinical placement/professional practice:

This course includes 60 hours of prescribed clinical placements. Students may be required to undertake such placements away from the campus at which they are enrolled, at their own expense (Note: health professional courses generally involve extensive professional or clinical placements).

All students who undertake a course that includes prescribed professional experience placements must be aware of the following University Procedure: Coursework Enrolment Procedure.

Special assessment

At the discretion of the College Dean, students may be required to undertake a prescribed English language test to ensure that they have an acceptable level of English language proficiency, including at least at the level required to be admitted to the course, to safely participate in professional experience placements.

All students must demonstrate suitability before undertaking professional or clinical placements

Refer to Review of a Student’s Suitability to Continue a Course Involving Placement policy.

Professional accreditation

Accreditation of the Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education will be sought from the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) for those students who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) or a professional body recognised by ADEA (ie. dietitians and exercise physiologists).

Maximum allowed Pass
Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for
final subject

Not applicable



Students may apply for a credit transfer for previous tertiary study or informal and non-formal learning in accordance with the Credit Transfer Procedure.

Maximum allowed

6 credit points except where a student transfers from one JCU award to another, then Credit may be granted for more than two-thirds of the new award, where there is subject equivalence between the awards.


Credit will be granted only for subjects completed in the last 5 years prior to the commencement of this course.


Credit gained for any subject shall be cancelled 8 years after the date of the examination upon which the credit is based if, by then, the student has not completed this course.

Other restrictions

Not applicable

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This is a joint degree


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Not applicable - this course does not have majors

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Not applicable

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