MASc – Beef Production Major

MASc – Beef Production Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

24 credit points

Major Structure


TV5400:03 Technology in Beef Production

TV5420:03 Animal Welfare


Select 18 credit points from List 1

List 1

LB5203:03 Sustainable Enterprise

LB5212:03 Accounting and Finance for Managers

MI5000:03 Clinical Epidemiology

MI5012:03 Professional Experience

MI5071:03 Molecular Analysis of Tropical Microbes

RM8301:06 Research Planning

RM8302:06 Research Project

TM5516:03 Biostatistics for Public Health

TM5600:03 Introduction to One Health

TV5120:03 Advanced Microbiology and Immunology

TV5121:03 Infectious Diseases of Livestock

TV5130:03 Veterinary Parasitology

TV5131:03 Host-Parasite Relationships

TV5220:03 Animal Reproduction and Management

TV5230:03 Advanced Epidemiology

TV5311:12 Research and Dissertation

TV5320:03 Applied Protocol Writing