BA – Criminology Major

BA – Criminology Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

24 credit points

Other details

Not all subjects available internally.   Students will need to take some subjects offered only in external mode.

Major Structure


Level 1

SY1001:03 Australian Society: An Introduction to Sociology or PL1001:03 The Political World: An Introduction to Political Science

CY1001:03 Deviance, Crime and Society

Level 2

AN2106:03 Anthropology of Violence: The State, Politics and Citizens

AR2407:03 Forensic Archaeology or SY2005:03 Qualitative Research

CY2001:03 Perspectives on Criminology

CY2002:03 Youth Deviance

Level 3

CY3456:03 Crime Prevention and Community Safety

PL3002:03 Policy Analysis and Management