BSc – Zoology and Ecology Major

BSc – Zoology and Ecology Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

24 credit points

Major Structure


Level 1

BS1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity or BZ1006:03 Diversity of Life

BS1001:03 Introduction to Biological Processes or BZ1005:03 Introductory Ecology

Level 2

BZ2490:03 Toolkit for the Field Biologist

BS2460:03 Fundamentals of Ecology or BZ2880:03 Ecology: Distribution, Abundance and Diversity

BS2470:03 Evolution or BZ2820:03 Evolutionary Biology

Level 3

BZ3061:03 Behavioural Ecology or BZ3745:03 Tropical Entomology

BZ3220:03 Population and Community Ecology or BZ3225:03 Technological Applications in Ecology

BZ3230:03 Ecology Research Methods or BZ3001:03 Field Studies in the Equatorial Tropics: Borneo