Course and Subject Handbook 2022 Courses Postgraduate Courses MSc – Aquaculture Science and Technology Major

MSc – Aquaculture Science and Technology Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

36 credit points


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies


Science and Engineering

Major Structure


AQ5002:03 Aquaculture: Feeds and Nutrition

AQ5003:03 Aquaculture: Propagation

AQ5006:03 Aquaculture: Principles and Practices

AQ5012:06 Aquaculture: Hatchery Techniques

AQ5015:03 Sustainable Aquaculture

SC5200:03 Professional Employability


Select 3 credit points of specified level 5 subjects from List 1


Select 12 credit points of any level 5 AQ, BS, BZ, CH, CP, EA, EV, MA, MB, MI, SC or TV subjects

List 1

AQ5004:03 Aquaculture: Stock Improvement

BC5203:03 Advanced Bioinformatics

BS5260:03 Modelling Ecological Dynamics

BZ5450:03 Ecological and Conservation Genetics

BZ5990:03 Toolkit for the Field Biologist

CH5203:03 Analytical Chemistry (Advanced)

EA5018:03 Field Studies in Tropical Land and Water Science

EA5044:03 Geological Mapping

EA5330:03 Field Techniques

EA5640:03 Advanced Marine Geoscience Technologies and Applications

EV5020:03 Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation

EV5110:03 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

EV5502:03 Advanced Geographic Information Systems

EV5505:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

EV5506:03 Remote Sensing

MA5405:03 Data Mining

SC5202:03 Quantitative Methods in Science

SC5502:03 Design and Analyses in Ecological Studies