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Bachelor of Cybersecurity

Handbook year


Course code


Course type

Bachelor Degree (AQF Level 7)


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies


Science and Engineering

Award Requirements

Admission Requirements

Course pre-requisites

English (Units 3/4, C)

Recommended: Mathematical Methods (Units 3/4, C)

Minimum English language proficiency requirements

Applicants of non-English speaking backgrounds must meet the English language proficiency requirements of Band 1 Schedule II of the JCU Admissions Policy.

Academic Requirements for Course Completion

Credit points

72 credit points as per course structure

Course learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Cybersecurity, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate essential knowledge for a career in IT and cyber security related professions and practice.
  • Synthesise industry standard and underlying principles and concepts for decision making and risk assessment.
  • Critically analyse the core professional obligations, values and operations of organisations, including sustainability.
  • Critically evaluate data & resources in the context of industry practice and/or relevant academic literature.
  • Apply critical thinking to address IT and cyber security related issues.
  • Convey information clearly and fluently, in high quality written form appropriate for their audience.
  • Demonstrate effective oral presentation skills for academic and professional audiences.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively.
  • Apply technical skills, including numeracy, necessary for professional practice.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical and social responsibility in professional practice.
  • Identify and act upon, learning opportunities and self-improvements.

Course Structure


Level 1

CP1401:03 Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming 1

CP1402:03 Internet Fundamentals

CP1404:03 Programming II

CP1406:03 Web Design and Development

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics or MA1000:03 Mathematical Foundations

MA1580:03 Foundations of Data Science

CP1409:03 Operating Systems and Shell Scripting

CP1410:03 Cybersecurity and Cryptography Fundamentals

Level 2

CP2403:03 Information Processing and Visualisation

CP2404:03 Database Modelling

CP2406:03 Programming III

CP2409:03 Network Forensics and Data Communications

CP2421:03 Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

CP2422:03 Cloud and Data Centre Security

CP2423:03 Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Management

CP2424:03 Cybersecurity Risk Management

Level 3

CP3403:03 Data Mining

CP3406:03 Mobile Computing

CP3405:03 Design Thinking and Project Management

CP3407:03 Advanced Software Engineering

CP3414:03 Ethical Hacking

CP3415:03 Strategy and Governance

CP3416:03 Behavioural Cybersecurity or CP3417:03 Cybersecurity for Operational Technology

CP3418:03 Best Practices in Cybersecurity




JCU Singapore



Expected time to complete

3 years full-time or equivalent part-time

Maximum time to complete

7 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Course progression


Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)


Course includes mandatory fieldwork


Special assessment


Professional accreditation


Maximum allowed Pass
Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for
final subject

A student who has failed the final subject towards the award and who gained 40% or more of the marks for that subject, may be granted a supplementary examination in that subject.



Students may apply for credit for previous tertiary study in accordance with the Credit Transfer Procedure

Maximum allowed

48 credit points except where a student transfers from one JCU award to another, then credit may be granted for more than two-thirds of the new award, where there is subject equivalence between the awards


Credit will be granted only for subjects completed in the 5 years prior to the commencement of this course


Credit gained for any subject shall be cancelled 12 years after the date of the examination upon which the credit is based if, by then, the student has not completed this course.

Other restrictions

A maximum of 6 credit points of credit may be granted at level 3.

Award Details

Award title


Approved abbreviation


Exit with lesser award

Students who have completed 24 credit points of their course award requirements, and withdraw from or fail to meet the requirements for progression in the later years, may be eligible for the award of Diploma of Tertiary Studies.

Course articulation

Not applicable

Special awards

Not applicable


Honours availability

Graduates may be eligible to be admitted to honours programs in Science, Information Technology, Social Science or other disciplines appropriate to their interests. Interested students should seek advice from the Course Coordinator.


Normally a minimum average grade of credit is required in the bachelor (pass) degree subjects relevant to the field in which Honours is to be taken