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BBiomedSc - Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Handbook Year


Major code


Credit point value

30 credit points for single major


Division of Tropical Health and Medicine


Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Major Structure


Level 1

Teaching Period 2

BM1003:03 Biomedicine in the Tropics

SC1102:03 Modelling Natural Systems or SC1109:03 Modelling Natural Systems – Advanced

Level 2

Teaching Period 1

SC2202:03 Quantitative Methods in Science or SC2209:03 Quantitative Methods in Science - Advanced

Teaching Period 2

BC2023:03 Molecular Genetics

BC2024:03 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology

Level 3

Teaching Period 1

BC3102:03 Molecular Basis of Disease

Teaching Period 2

BC3201:03 Bioengineering

BC3203:03 Bioinformatics


Select 6 credit points of specified elective subjects from List 1

List 1

AT3001:03 Advanced Anatomy by Dissection

BM3000:03 Advanced Projects in Biomedicine

MI3051:03 Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases

MI3071:03 Molecular Analysis of Tropical Microbes

PP3251:03 Systemic Pathophysiology and Therapeutics

PP3252:03 Neuropharmacology