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BEng(Hons) - Civil Engineering Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

48 credit points

Other details

Must complete first year of course before choosing major


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies


Science and Engineering

Major Structure


Level 2

CS2001:03 Engineering Strength of Materials

CS2002:03 Catchment, Stream and Lake Engineering

CS2003:03 Introduction to Structural Design

CS2005:03 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering

ME2512:03 Thermofluid Mechanics

Level 3

CS3000:03 Structural Analysis

CS3001:03 Concrete Engineering

CS3002:03 Soil Mechanics and Geology

CS3003:03 Design of Steel and Concrete Structures

CS3004:03 Transportation Engineering

CS3008:03 Fluid Mechanics

Level 4

CS4001:03 Foundation Engineering and Rock Mechanics

CS4002:03 Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering

CS4005:03 Civil Engineering Design

CS4008:03 Water and Wastewater Engineering

CS4010:03 Finite Element Analysis and Structural Dynamics