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Course and Subject Handbook 2022 Courses Undergraduate Courses BEng(Hons) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Major

BEng(Hons) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

48 credit points for single major

Other details

Must complete first year of course before choosing major


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies


Science and Engineering

Major Structure


Level 2

CC2510:03 Digital Logic and Computing Methods

CC2511:03 Embedded Systems Design

EE2201:03 Circuit Theory

EE2300:03 Electronics 1

PH2019:03 Introduction to Electromagnetism Optics and Early Quantum

Level 3

CC3501:03 Computer Interfacing and Control

EE3010:03 Digital Signal Processing

EE3300:03 Electronics 2

EE3400:03 Power Engineering 1

EE3600:03 Automatic Control 1

EE3700:03 Communications Systems Principles

Level 4

EE4010:03 Analog Signals and Filters

EE4400:03 Power Engineering 2

EE4500:03 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design

EE4600:03 Automatic Control 2

EG4013:03 Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability