BOccThy(Hons) – Research Honours

Handbook year


Major code


Credit point value

48 credit points

Major Structure


Level 3

Teaching Period 1

HS3401:03 Health Professional Research 2

OT3101:03 Occupational Therapy Honours Research Proposal (Honours)

OT3011:03 Enhancing Practice Capabilities

OT3012:03 Professional Practice Preparation

Teaching Period 2

OT3004:06 Rural and Urban Practice 1

OT3005:06 Rural and Urban Practice 2

Level 4

Teaching Period 1

OT4007:09 Advanced Rural or Urban Occupational Therapy Practice

OT4010:03 Occupational Therapy Honours Research Part 1 of 2

Teaching Period 2

OT4003:03 Health Law and Ethics for OT Professional Practice

OT4004:03 Advancing Professional Practice

OT4011:06 Occupational Therapy Honours Research Part 2 of 2