DipHigherEd – Education Major

DipHigherEd – Education Major

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Credit points required

18 credit points

Other details

Important: before you enrol you must speak with a Pathways team member to discuss your study plan.  Please call: Townsville campus 47815740 or Cairns campus 42321155 or email: pathways@jcu.edu.au

Core subjects within this Major include professional experience placement.

Major Structure

Students will be enrolled in set study plans which will allow them to articulate into their target degree. The study plans will allow for flexible enrolment options, involving a mix of core subjects (including ED1411, ED1481 or ED1441), and selected major and elective subjects.  Study plans can be discussed with the Pathways team.


SC1022:03 Essential Science

MA1022:03 Essential Maths

ED1481:03 Educational Psychology: Learners and Learning or ED1441:03 Technologies for Primary School

ED1411:03 Science and Sustainability in Education


Select 6 credit points of subjects from List 1

List 1

ED1441:03 Technologies for Primary School

ED1442:03 Arts Education for Primary School

AR1001:03 The World of Archaeology

BS1001:03 Introduction to Biological Processes or BZ1005:03 Introductory Ecology

BS1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity or BZ1006:03 Diversity of Life

BU1002:03 Accounting for Decision Making

BU1003:03 Economics for Sustainable Business

BU1104:03 Business, Environment and Society in the Tropics

BX2011:03 Accounting Principles and Systems

CH1001:03 Chemistry: A Central Science

CH1002:03 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

CH1011:03 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

CH1020:03 Preparatory Chemistry

CP1401:03 Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming I

CP1403:03 Design Thinking

CP1404:03 Programming II

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

EA1110:03 Evolution of the Earth

EV1008:03 Human Geography

FR1001:03 Foundation French 1

FR1002:03 Foundation French 2

HM1061:03 Foundations of Movement and Physical Activity

JA1001:03 Foundation Japanese 1 or JA1101:03 Basic Japanese 1

JA1002:03 Foundation Japanese 2 or JA1102:03 Basic Japanese 2

LA1101:03 Legal Institutions and Processes

LA1102:03 Legal Research, Writing and Analysis

MA1003:03 Mathematical Techniques

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics

MA2000:03 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

PH1005:03 Advanced Stream Physics 1

PH1007:03 Advanced Stream Physics 2

SP1001:03 Science and Practice of Physical Activity