DipHigherEd – Education Major

DipHigherEd – Education Major

Handbook year


Major code


Credit points required

18 credit points

Other details

Important: before you enrol you must speak with a Pathways team member to discuss your study plan.  Please call: Townsville campus 47815740 or Cairns campus 42321155 or email: pathways@jcu.edu.au

Major Structure

Students will be enrolled in set study plans which will allow them to articulate into their target degree. The study plans will allow for flexible enrolment options, involving a mix of core subjects (including ED1411, ED1481 or ED1441), and selected major and elective subjects.  Study plans can be discussed with the Pathways team.


SC1022:03 Essential Science

MA1022:03 Essential Maths

ED1481:03 Educational Psychology: Learners and Learning or ED1441:03 Technologies for Primary School

ED1411:03 Science and Sustainability in Education


Select 6 credit points of subjects from List 1

List 1

ED1441:03 Technologies for Primary School

ED1442:03 Arts Education for Primary School

AR1001:03 The World of Archaeology

BS1001:03 Introduction to Biological Processes or BZ1005:03 Introductory Ecology

BS1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity or BZ1006:03 Diversity of Life

BU1002:03 Accounting for Decision Making

BU1003:03 Principles of Economics

BU1104:03 Introduction to Management Concepts and Application

BX2011:03 Foundation of Accounting Principles

CH1001:03 Chemistry: A Central Science

CH1002:03 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

CH1011:03 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

CH1020:03 Preparatory Chemistry

CP1401:03 Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming I

CP1403:03 Design Thinking

CP1404:03 Programming II

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

EA1110:03 Evolution of the Earth

EV1008:03 Human Geography

FR1001:03 Foundation French 1

FR1002:03 Foundation French 2

HM1061:03 Foundations of Movement and Physical Activity

IA1011:03 Indigenous Australians

IA1012:03 Indigenous People of North Queensland

JA1001:03 Foundation Japanese 1 or JA1101:03 Basic Japanese 1

JA1002:03 Foundation Japanese 2 or JA1102:03 Basic Japanese 2

JA1201:03 Intermediate Japanese 1

JA1202:03 Intermediate Japanese 2

LA1101:03 Legal Institutions and Processes

LA1102:03 Legal Research, Writing and Analysis

MA1003:03 Mathematical Techniques

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics

MA2000:03 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

PH1005:03 Advanced Stream Physics 1

PH1007:03 Advanced Stream Physics 2

SP1001:03 Science and Practice of Sport and Exercise