Course and Subject Handbook 2021 Courses Undergraduate Courses First Teaching Area (Secondary Accounting) 24cp

First Teaching Area (Secondary Accounting) 24cp

Handbook year


FTA Code


Credit point value

24 credit points


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies

CollegeArts, Society and Education


Level 1

BU1002:03 Accounting for Decision Making

BU1007:03 Principles of Data Analysis for Business

Level 2

BX2011:03 Foundation of Accounting Principles

ED2492:03 Junior Curriculum 1


Select 3 credit points of subjects from List 1

Level 3

BX3011:03 Corporate Financial Accounting

BX3012:03 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

ED3210:03 Senior Secondary Curriculum 1

List 1

BX2012:03 Cost Management and Control

BX2014:03 Principles of Finance

BX2019:03 Accounting Information Systems