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Course and Subject Handbook 2022 Courses Undergraduate Courses First Teaching Area (Secondary Industrial Technologies and Design) 24cp

Information valid for students commencing in 2022.

First Teaching Area (Secondary Industrial Technologies and Design) 24cp

Handbook year


FTA Code


Credit point value

24 credit points

Other details

Recognition of 3 credit points may be awarded if the pre-service teacher has completed a relevant Certificate qualification aligned to Industrial Technologies and Design. This will be assessed by the Course Coordinator.


Division of Tropical Environments and Societies


Arts, Society and Education



Level 1

ENM1500:03 Introductory Engineering Mathematics (USQ subject - cross-institutional study) or Vocational Knowledge and Skills in Industrial Technologies and Design (3 credit points applied for a relevant trade qualification)

ITD1100:03 ITD Guidelines and Practices (USQ subject - cross-institutional study)

ITD3120:03 Design and Visual Communication (USQ subject - cross-institutional study)

Level 2

ED2492:03 Junior Curriculum 1

ITD3110:03 Emerging Technologies (USQ subject - cross-institutional study)

Level 3

ED3210:03 Senior Secondary Curriculum 1

ITD1210:03 Material Technologies 1 (Wood and Plastic) (USQ subject - cross-institutional study)

ITD2220:03 Material Technologies 2 (Metals) (USQ subject - cross-institutional study)