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Choose any level 2 or 3 undergraduate subject -

How to: choose option subject

You can choose any level 2 or 3 subject from any discipline at JCU to enrol in for this ‘elective’ subject (as long as you meet any prerequisites). Certain subjects do have limitations on them, for example, only Occupational Therapy students can enrol in OT2003 and only Education students can enrol in ED2491. This detail is specified in the subject description on Subject Search. You need to read these details carefully when choosing subjects. External subjects may be completed from any location.

Choose subjects you find interesting or that will support your studies (e.g. round out your majors and/or support your career aspirations). Subject Search is useful in finding subjects that are available to you in the study period you are enrolling in. For help, please refer to How to use Subject Search.