Arts Major - English

Choose a subject from the following list. Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

You must select:

Group A: x 6 subjects in Level 2 and 3

Group A - Select six subjects in Level 2 and 3

EL2011 or EL3011 Creative Writing

EL2013 or EL3013 Reading and Writing the Short Story

EL2016 or EL3016 Modern Literature

EL2020 or EL3020 Australian Literature

EL2023 or EL3023 American Literature

EL2047 or EL3047 Children’s Literature

EL2050 or EL3050 Postcolonial Narratives: Writing, Place and Identity

EL2048 or EL3048 The Romantic Vision

EL2055 or EL3055 Literature, Print and Society in Comparative Contexts 1920-50

EL2801 or EL3801 Progress and Anxiety: The Victorian Age

EL2846 or EL3846 Heroism and Humanism: Shakespeare and the English Renaissance

EL2851 or EL3851 Self, Science and Society in Eighteenth Century Literature

EL3837 Critical Theory