FTA - Biology

You must select:

Group A: x 1 subject in Level 1

Group B: x 1 subject in Level 1

Group C: x 2 subjects in Level 2

Group D: x 2 subjects in Level 3

Group A - Select one subject in Level 1

BZ1007 Introduction to Biodiversity or

BZ1006 Diversity of Life or

BS1007 Introduction to Biodiversity (Townsville only)

BZ1001 Fundamentals of Biological Processes or

BZ1005 Introductory Ecology or

BS1001 Fundamentals of Biological Processes (Townsville only)

Group B - Select two subjects

BZ2001 Quantitative Methods in Science

BZ2008 Adaptations to Environmental Change

BZ2420 Ecological Genetics

BZ2440 Ecological and Conservation or BZ2880 Ecology: Distribution, Abundance and Diversity

BZ2450 Biodiversity of Tropical Australia

BZ2705 Australian Vertebrate Fauna

BZ2480 Restoration Ecology

BZ2808 Adapting to Environmental Challenges

BZ2820 Evolutionary Biology

MB2080 Invertebrate Biology

Group C - Select two subjects

From any BZ level 3 subjects