FTA - Geography

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Group A: x 2 subjects – Level 1 Option subjects

Group B: x 2 subjects – Level 2 Option subjects

Group C: x 2 subjects – Level 3 Option subjects

Group A - Select two subjects

AR1001 The World of Archaeology

EA1110 Evolution of the Earth

EV1005 Environmental Processes and Global Change

EV1008 Human Geography

Group B - Select two subjects

AR2011 Australia through Time and Place

AR2410 Archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and the Classical World

EV2003 Introduction to Environmental Economics

EV2301 Urban Geography and Design

EV2360 Cradle to Grave: Population Economy and Environment

EV2401 Australian Landscape Processes and Evolution

EV2502 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

HI2001 Asia and the World

HI2005 Environmental History

HI2006 Australian and Pacific Exploration

IA2013 Ecology and Australian Indigenous Cultures

IA2017 Impact of Change on Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective

Group C - Select two subjects in Level 3

From any EV Level 3 subjects