FTA - History

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Group A: x 2 subjects – Option subjects

Group B: x 2 subjects – Option subjects

Group C: x 2 subjects – Option subjects

Group A - Select two subjects

AR1001:03 The World of Archaeology

EV1008:03 Human Geography

HI1302:03 World History Since 1900

IA1007:03 Linking Indigenousness 1

Group B - Select two subjects

AR2011:03 Australia Through Time and Place

AR2410:03 Archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and the Classical World

EV2301:03 Urban Geography and Design

EV2360:03 Cradle to Grave: Population Economy and Environment

HI2005:03 Environmental History

HI2006:03 Australian and Pacific Exploration

HI2191:03 Australian History

IA2013:03 Ecology and Australian Indigenous Cultures

IA2017:03 Impact of Change on Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective

Group C - Select two subjects

From any level 3 AR or HI subjects