Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Level 1 Arts, Creative Media, Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences subjects

level 1 Arts options

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Choose a subject from the following list. Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

Arts and Social Science Level 1 Subjects

AN1001:03 Anthropology: Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective

AR1001:03 The World of Archaeology

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

CY1001:03 Deviance, Crime and Society

EL1100:03 Critical Reading

FR1001:03 Foundation French 1

FR1002:03 Foundation French 2

FR1201:03 Intermediate French 1

FR1202:03 Intermediate French 2

GR1001:03 Foundation German 1

GR1002:03 Foundation German 2

HI1302:03 World History Since 1900

IA1007:03 Linking Indigenousness 1

IA1015:03 Indigenous Australian World Views 1: Survival, Identity and Cultural Diversity

IT1001:03 Foundation Italian 1

IT1002:03 Foundation Italian 2

JA1001:03 Foundation Japanese 1

JA1002:03 Foundation Japanese 2

JA1101:03 Basic Japanese 1

JA1102:03 Basic Japanese 2

JA1201:03 Intermediate Japanese 1

JA1202:03 Intermediate Japanese 2

JN1101:03 The Journalist and Society

JN1005:03 Writing Convergent Stories

NM1010:03 Creative Work 1

NM1013:03 Professional Practice 1

NM1200:03 Digital Photography

NM1400:03 Introduction to Media Design

NM1500:03 Introduction to Media Arts (CNS only) OR NM1600:03 Introduction to Music, Sound & Moving Image (TSV only)

NM1810:03 Introduction to Creativity and Innovation

PL1001:03 The Political World: An Introduction to Political Science

PY1101:03 Exploring Psychology 1

PY1102:03 Exploring Psychology 2

PY1105:03 Psychology for Social Welfare Practice (Distance Education)

SS1010:03 Australian People: An Introduction to the Social Sciences

SS1103:03 An Introduction to Social Science Research Practices

SS1111:03 Introduction to Counselling

SS1113:03 Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health

SY1001:03 Australian Society: An Introduction to Sociology

WS1005:03 Human Rights and Social Justice

WS1006:03 Self in Professional Helping