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Utilising the Subject Search tool under the Current Students link on the JCU Website - make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully before choosing a subject. Some subjects are only offered at specific campuses, modes or courses.

You will also need to ensure you meet any pre-requisites required for the subject. You can find all of this information on the subject links below.

Subject Codes beginning with NM are only offered in Townsville

Subject Codes beginning with CV are only offered in Cairns

Level 1

Choose one

AN1001 Anthropology: Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective

BA1001 Time, Truth, and the Human Condition

BU1002 Accounting for Decision Making

BU1003 Economics for Sustainable Business

BU1104 Business, Environment and Society in the Tropics

BU1105 Contemporary Business Communications

BU1108 Managing Consumer Markets

BU1112 Business Law

CP1402 Internet Fundamentals

CP1405 Games for Business and Gamification

CP1406 Web Design and Web Technologies

CP1500 Conceptual Modelling

CU1010 Effective Writing

CV1010 Digital Media

CV1200 Effective Speaking

CY1001 Deviance, Crime and Society

EL1100 Critical Reading

EV1011 Introduction to Sustainability

HI1302 World History Since 1900

IA1007 Linking Indigenousness 1

MU1030 Music-making for Children

NM1200 Digital Photography

NM1400 Introduction to Media Design

NM1500 Introduction to MediaArts

NM1810 Introduction to Creativity and Innovation

PL1001 The Political World: An Introduction to Political Science

PY1101 Exploring Psychology 1

PY1102 Exploring Psychology 2

SY1001 Australian Society: An Introduction to Sociology

Level 2

Choose one

AR2011 Australia Through Time and Place

BU2111 Business Law

BX2021 Managerial Economics

BX2051 Managing People

BX2061 Business Negotiation

BX2072 Change Management

BX2077 Project Management

BX2082 Marketing Communications

BX2091 Tourism and Leisure Management

BX2093 Sports Management

BX2094 Conference and Events Management

BX2119 Alternative Dispute Resolution

BX2123 Economics and Sustainable Resource Management

BX2124 Behavioural Economics for Sustainable Policy

CP2012 Networking

CP2018 Business Process Management

CP2019 Legal Aspects of IT

CP2404 Database Modelling

CP2411 3D Modelling and Animation

CU2021 Public Relations Campaigns

HI2191 Australian History

LA2902 Environmental Law and Policy

NM2203 Digital Storytelling (External Offering Only)

NM2220 Creative concepts of Lighting

NM2420 Interactive Design

PL2002 Policy Analysis and Management

PL2003 Democracy and the State

SY2001 Work in the Digital Economy

Level 3

Choose one

BX3051 Employment Relations

BX3053 Personnel Economics

BX3054 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

BX3095 Visitor and Crowd Behaviour Management

BX3120 Sport and Entertainment Law

BX3152 Managing a Global Workforce

BX3171 Organisational Behaviour

BX3173 Strategic Entrepreneurship

BX3174 Management and Leadership

BX3194 Destination Management and Planning

CP3301 Human Computer Interaction

CP3302 Information Security

CU3021 Public Relations Campaigns

CY3002 Youth Deviance

HI3191 Australian History

NM3200 Photography Genres

PL3110 Government and Politics in Developing Areas

PL3153 International Relations and Foreign Policy