Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Recommended or popular choices for School of Creative Arts (SoCA)

Recommended or popular choices for School of Creative Arts (SoCA)

Utilising the Subject Search tool - make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully before choosing a subject. Some subjects are only offered at specific campuses, modes or courses.

You will also need to ensure you meet any pre-requisites required for the subject. You can find all of this information on the subject links below.

Subject Codes beginning with NM are only offered in Townsville

Subject Codes beginning with CV are only offered in Cairns

Level 1

Choose one

CV1010 Digital Media

CV1020 Digital Photography

CV1030 Arts in Perspective

CV1200 Effective Speaking

CV1210 Foundations of Photo Media

CV1220 Through the Lens

CV1410 Digital Imaging

CV1420 Design for Print

CV1510 Foundations of Visual Art

CV1520 A Fine Line: Drawing Concepts and Techniques

NM1012 Creative Collaboration 1

NM1013 Professional Practice 1

NM1200 Introduction to Photomedia

NM1400 Introduction to Media Design

NM1600 Introduction to Music and Sound Media

Level 2

Choose one

CV2010 Art, Artist, Environment

CV2020 Creative Industries

CV2021 Curatorial Practice

CV2200 Digital Video

CV2220 Lens Based Media and Concepts

CV2400 Web Design

CV2420 Media Design and Concepts

CV2500 Painting Techniques and Concepts

CV2510 Printmaking Techniques

CV2520 Arts: Concepts and Communication

NM2001 Creative Industries

NM2012 Creative Collaboration 2

NM2201 Photographic Lighting and Contexts

NM2203 Digital Storytelling

NM2301 Introduction to Web Design

NM2311 Digital Video

NM2400 Information Design

NM2402 Still and Dynamic Typography

NM2410 Dynamic Media Design

NM2420 Interactive Design

NM2500 Visual Arts and Concepts

NM2502 Visual Arts and Concepts

NM2504 Drawing and the Spatial

NM2510 Illustration

NM2520 Drawing and the Spatial

NM2530 Overseas Study Tour

NM2540 National Study Tour

NM2550 Special Study Unit

NM2600 Music and Sound Media

NM2610 World Music

NM2620 Music, Emotion and Meaning

Level 3

Choose one

CV3002 Creative Project

CV3010 The Reflective Practitioner

CV3011 History and Theory of Creative Practice

CV3012 Collaborative Development

CV3020 Professional Practice

CV3021 Creative Research and Production

CV3022 Collaborative Project

NM3000 Connecting the Creative Arts

NM3001 The Reflective Practitioner

NM3010 Creative Work 3

NM3011 Creative Culture 3

NM3012 Creative Collaboration 3

NM3013 Professional Practice 3

NM3102 Professional Practice

NM3104 Creative Exchange Project

NM3200 Photojournalism

NM3202 Immersive Imaging

NM3203 Photomedia Portfolio

NM3210 Immersive Imaging

NM3410 Design Lab

NM3420 Media Design Portfolio

NM3505 Image and Text

NM3506 Drawing Folio

NM3507 Drawing and Publication

NM3510 Image and Text

NM3520 Visual Arts Portfolio

NM3600 Music Constructs

NM3610 Digital Music Technology

NM3620 Sound and Music Portfolio