Social and Criminal Justice Major

Choose a subject from the following list. Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

You will also need to ensure you meet any pre-requisites required for the subject. You can find all of this information on the subject links below.

You must select:

Group A: x 6 subjects in Level 2 and 3

Group A - Choose six subjects

AN2106 or AN3106 Anthropology of Violence

AR2407 or AR3407 Forensic Archaeology

CY2001 or CY3001 Perspectives on Criminology

CY2002 or CY3002 Youth Deviance

CY3456 Crime Prevention and Community Safety

CY3890 Green Criminology

IA2016 Australian Indigenous Politics

IA3101 Media and Race Relations

PL2002 or PL3002 Policy Analysis and Management

PY2110 Forensic Psychology

SY2018 or SY3018 Power and Protest in a Globalising World

WS2513 Community Work