The Asian Century Major Options

Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully before choosing a subject. Some subjects are only offered at specific campuses, modes or courses.

You will also need to ensure you meet any pre-requisites required for the subject. You can find all of this information on the subject links below.

You must select:

Group A: x 4 subjects in Level 2 and 3

Group A – Choose four subjects

AN3100:03 Asian Cities on the Rise: Ancient Pasts and Global Futures

BX2195:03 Hospitality, Cultures and People

CN2205:03/CN3305:03 Regional Features: Place, Location, Australia and Asia in Cinema

AR2501:03/AR3501:03 Ancestors and Emperors: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Societies

PL2110:03/PL3110:03 Government and Politics in Developing Areas

PL2153:03/PL3153:03 International Relations and Foreign Policy

PY2018:03 Intercultural Psychology

WS2008:03 International Exchange