Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws

This degree will give you a legal qualification with complementary Arts skills, and is strongly supported by the legal profession.

The Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws requires you to complete 120 credit points. This will take 5 years if you study full time, which consists of eight subjects (24 credit points) per year.

Please email your Divisional Enrolment Team from your email account and request an enrolment plan if you want to complete any of the following Arts majors:


Anthropology  (Townsville and Cairns)

Archaeology  (Townsville and Cairns)

Criminology (Townsville and external)

English  (Townsville, Cairns and external)

Environmental Studies  (Townsville and Cairns)

French Advanced  (Townsville and Cairns)

French Foundation (Townsville and Cairns)

Geography  (Townsville and Cairns)

German  (Townsville only)

History  (Townsville and Cairns)

Human Services (Townsville, Cairns and Limited mode)

Indigenous Australian Studies (Townsville, Cairns and external)

Italian  (Cairns only)

Japanese Advanced  (Townsville and Cairns)

Japanese Foundation (Townsville and Cairns)

Media & Writing (Townsville only)

Multimedia Journalism  (Townsville only)

Political Science  (Townsville, Cairns and external)

Psychology  (Townsville and Cairns)

Sociology  (Townsville, Cairns and external)

This is intended as a guide for planning your studies. For official course requirements and Award Rules, please refer to the Course and Subject Handbook.