First Teaching Area - Chemistry

Choose a subject from the following list. Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

You must select:

Group A: x 2 subjects in Level 1

Group B: x 2 subjects in Level 2

Group C: x 2 subjects in Level 3

Group A - Select two subjects

CH1001 Chemistry: A Central Science

CH1002 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

CH1010 Biological Chemistry for Dentistry

CH1011 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

CH1012 Molecular Chemistry

CH1013 Chemistry for the Dental Sciences

Group B - Select two subjects

CH2010 Biological Chemistry

CH2042 Marine Chemistry and Chemical Ecology

CH2101 Synthesis and Structure in Chemistry

CH2103 Analytical Chemistry

Group C - Select two subjects

CH3041 Environmental Chemistry

CH3100 Molecular Basis of Therapeutics 4

CH3101 Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism

CH3103 Materials and Process Chemistry

CH3104 Advanced Chemistry Project