First Teaching Area - Mathematics

Choose a subject from the following list. Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

Only one subject of each name can be selected.

You must select:

Group A: x 2 subjects in Level 1

Group B: x 2 subjects in Level 2

Group C: x 2 subjects in Level 3

Group A - Select two subjects

MA1000 Mathematical Foundations

MA1003 Mathematical Techniques

MA1401 Statistics and Data Analysis 1

Group B - Select two subjects

MA2000 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

MA2100 Mathematical Methods and Differential Equations

MA2201 Numerical Mathematics

MA2401 Statistics and Data Analysis

MA2405 Statistics and Data Analysis 2

MA2600 Introduction to Modern Computational Mathematics

MA2900 Mathematics Content Knowledge for Lower Secondary School Teaching

Group C - Select two subjects

MA3109 Applied Complex Variable Theory

MA3201 Numerical Methods

MA3405 Multivariate Statistical Methods

MA3605 Operations Research and Modelling