Utilising the Subject Search tool - make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully before choosing a subject. Some subjects are only offered at certain locations and sometimes can be in different study periods at different locations.

You will also need to ensure you meet any pre-requisites required for the subject. You can find all of this information on the subject links below.

LB level 5 subjects

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LB5202 Marketing Management

LB5203 Sustainable Enterprise

LB5205 People in Organisations

LB5209 Managing Globally

LB5212 Accounting and Finance for Managers

LB5220 Entrepreneurship in International Emerging Economies

LB5222 Technopreneurship: the E entrepreneur

LB5228 The Changing Business Environment

LB5229 Economics for a Sustainable World

LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations

LB5231 Corporate Responsibility and Governance

LB5232 Marketing and Customer Engagement

LB5233 Strategic and Responsible Innovation Management

LB5234 Leading and Managing Organisational Change

LB5236 Comparative Global Business Systems

CP Level 5 subjects

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CP5307 Advanced Mobile Technology

CP5503 Enterprise Database Systems – Oracle

CP5601 Advanced Data Communications Principles

CP5602 Advanced Algorithm Analysis

CP5604 Advanced Game Design

CP5605 Advanced Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

CP5607 Advanced Human Computer Interaction

CP5608 Advanced Animation Techniques

CP5609 Intelligent Agents and Simulation