The Bachelor of Business – Bachelor of Laws requires you to complete 120 credit points. This will take 5 years if you study full time, which consists of eight subjects (24 credit points) per year.

To be eligible for accreditation with Certified Practising Accountants (CPA Australia) and/or the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) students must complete the Accounting major as well as the following subjects:

BX2014:03 Financial Management

BX2016:03 Business Modelling

BX2019:03 Business Information Systems

In accordance with the requirements of the Supreme Court (Legal Practitioners Admission) Rules 2004(Qld), students who intend, at any time, to seek admission as a Legal Practitioner in Queensland must include as subjects within their degree:

LA4022:03 Civil Procedure (Add to LA level 4 elective line)

LA4038:03 Legal Ethics and Trust Accounting (Add to LA level 4 elective line)

Please email your Divisional Enrolment Team from your email account and request an enrolment study plan for any information on this degree and majors.

Further information to assist you with selecting your major and the course requirements and Award Rules, can be found in the  Course and Subject Handbook.