Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Just one last thing…. - Bachelor of Business - 1 major + 15cp options

If you are not intending to take a second major or a minor, the moment you log on to eStudent you must nominate the “optional subjects” choice before enrolling in your subjects.

To choose option subjects;

  1. Find the line: Select a 2nd Major, Business Minor or 15cp of optional subjects

  2. Click Choose

  3. In the next window, click Search to retrieve the list of options

  4. Once loaded, scroll to the bottom of the page

  5. Select 15cp of Business and Non-Business Subjects and click Choose and save the selected Study Package and expand structure onto my study plan

  6. In the next window click Save this Selection

  7. Once loaded, scroll to the bottom of the page

  8. Click Return to My Study Plan to begin enrolling in subjects


Need help?

eStudent online help is available if you need it. If you're completely stuck and can't enrol, call the Student Enquiry Centre.