Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (mid year entry) Bachelor of Science – Table B – Subject Groups

Group Subjects are compulsory and you must pass two groups to complete your degree. Each group has three subjects, totalling 9 credit points.

Completing these group subjects will allow you to enrol in level 2 and 3 subjects from another area, thereby broadening your understanding of Science.

The first group will be added to your study plan when you choose a major at the commencement of your degree.

Choose a second group related to a second major or an area of interest from the table below and must be different to your first group:

Related Major


Group 1

Aquaculture Science and Technology, Marine Biology, Zoology and Ecology (Townsville Campus)


Zoology and Ecology (Cairns campus)

BZ1001 Introduction to Biological Processes

BZ1007 Introduction to Biodiversity

BZ2001 Quantitative Methods in Science


Group 2

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry

CH1002 Chemistry: Principles and Applications (Tsv)


CH1012 Molecular Chemistry (SP6 Cns)

Plus one subject from the specified list

BC2013 Principles of Biochemistry

Group 3

Environmental Science and Geography, Environmental Earth Science, Geology

EV1005 Environmental Processes and Global Change

EA1110 Evolution of the Earth

EV2502 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Group 4


MA1000 Mathematical Foundations

MA1003 Mathematical Techniques

MA2000 Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists