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AG1001 Agriculture and Agroecosystems

AG1002 Biological Principles for Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

AG1003 Plant Biology for Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

AG1004 Animal Biology for Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

AG1007 Introduction to Plants and Animals for Veterinary Science

BZ1001 Introduction to Biological Processes

BZ1003 Introduction to Plant Science

BZ1004 The Diversity of Animal Life

BZ1005 Introductory Ecology

BZ1006 Diversity of Life

BZ1007 Introduction to Biodiversity

BZ1008 Functional Ecology

BZ1020 Inheritance and the Evolution of Life

CH1001 Chemistry: A Central Science

CH1002 Chemistry: Principles and Applications

CH1010 Biological Chemistry for Dentistry

CH1011 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

CH1012 Molecular Chemistry

CH1013 Chemistry for the Dental Sciences

EA1003 Introductory Earth Science

EA1110 Evolution of the Earth

EV1005 Environmental Processes and Global Change

EV1006 Dynamic Futures: Culture, Environment, Resources

EV1008 Human Geography

EV1009 Introduction to Planning

EV1011 Introduction to Sustainability

MA1000 Mathematical Foundations

MA1003 Mathematical Techniques

MA1401 Statistics and Data Analysis 1

MA1721 Computing Mathematics

PH1002 Astronomy: Evolution of the Universe

PH1005 Advanced Stream Physics 1

PH1007 Advanced Stream Physics 2