Graduate Certificate of Science (Natural Resource Management)

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Select 12 credit points (4 subjects) from the list below:

Group B - Select one option subject

BZ5001:03  Quantitative Methods in Science

Study period 1 Townsville and Cairns

EV5001:03 Environmental and Regional Planning

Study Period 1 Cairns (Limited)

EV5110:03 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Study Period 2 Townsville and Cairns

EV5003:03 Environmental Economics

Study Period 2 Townsville and Cairns

EV5009:03 Foundations of Natural Resource Management

Study Period 1 Townsville and Cairns

EV5200:03 Terrestrial Resource Management

Study Period 2 Townsville

EV5203:03 Conserving Marine Wildlife: Sea Mammals, Birds, Reptiles

Study Period 1 Townsville

EV5205:03 Conserving Tropical Rainforests

not offered

EV5251:03 Environmental Impacts of Human Activities in Protected Areas

Study Period 6 Cairns Block (offered in odd-numbered years)

EV5252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management

Study Period 2 Cairns (Limited)

EV5401:03 Coastal and Catchment Geomorphology

Study Period 2 Townsville and Cairns

EV5406:03 Coral Reef Geomorphology

Study Period 1 Townsville

EV5601:03 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management

Study Period 3 (Block) Townsville

EV5701:03 Managing Coastal and Marine environments

Study Period 2 Townsville

LA5902:03 Environmental Law and Policy

Study Period 1 Townsville