Graduate Diploma of Development Practice

Available on Cairns Campus

Enrol in three steps!

  1. CHOOSE SUBJECTS. Use the tables below to choose your subjects. You can also download a planner to make the planning process easier. Note: Core subjects will already be on your study plan in eStudent.

  2. CHECK TIMETABLE. Check subject timetables to ensure you don't have lecture clashes.

  3. ENROL IN SUBJECTS. After you have chosen your subjects, right click and open eStudent in new tab to start enrolling.

You must select:

Group A: x 2 subjects

Group B: x 4 subjects

Group A – Select TWO core subjects

EV5955:06  Contemporary Issues in Development Practice

Study period 1 Cairns

EV5956:06 Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods

Study period 1 Cairns

Group B - Select FOUR option subjects

BZ5520:03 Agroecology

Study period 1 Townsville

EV5009:03 Foundations of Natural Resource Management

Study period 1 Townsville and Cairns

EV5010:03 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment

Study period 7 Block Cairns

EV5013:03 Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions

Study period 7 Block Cairns

EV5205:03 Conserving Tropical Rainforests

Study period 1 Cairns

EV5252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management

Study period 1 Cairns

EV5301:03 Urban Geography and Design

Study period 2 Townsville and Cairns

EV5404:03 Field Studies in Tropical Geography

Study period 3 Block Cairns

EV5911:03 Development Practice Project Proposal and Literature Review

Study period 1 Cairns

EV5912:06 Development Practice Field Project

Study period 2 Cairns

LB5521:03 Conflict, Reconciliation and Peace

Study period 2 Townsville

PL5110:03 Government and Politics in Developing Areas

Study period 1 Townsville and Cairns

TM5552:03 Global Health and Development

Study period 1 Townsville